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Evaluate the following before the treatment.
(It can also be done after the treatment to see if there are any changes)
This posture evaluation is usually preformed with the minimal amount of clothing.

1. Are the arches falling?
2. Are the toes clenched?
3. Is the weight on the outside, inside of the feet or balanced over the ankles?
4. Does each foot look the same or are they different?
5. Are the feet pointed in or out?
6. Are the ankles falling in?
7. Is one ankle falling in?
8. Do the knees point in the same direction?
9. Does one point out or in more?
10. Are they directly under the hips or closer together than the hips?
11. When the person is standing with feet hip width apart and asked to bring the knees forward as if they were going to sit, do the knees remain in the same plane or do they move outward or inward?
12. Is one hipbone higher than the other?
13. Is one hipbone farther forward than the other or farther back?
14. Is the waistline straight or is one side higher than the other?

15. Is the navel off to one side or on the midline?
16. Is one shoulder higher than the other?
17. Is one side of the shoulders more forward than the other?
18. Do the arms hang evenly?
19. Is the height of the hands even or does one lie higher on the side of the body?
20. How far away are the arms from the body do they hang?
21. Is one arm farther away from the trunk than the other?
22. Does the head tilt to one side or the other?
23. Does the neck go one way and the head the other way?
24. Can you draw a straight line from the top of the head through the nose, chin, and navel to the mid point between the feet?
25. If you have the person roll slowly forward to touch their toes (letting their hands hang) does the length of their hands vary as they roll down?
26. After having the person march in place, where do their feet fall naturally?
27. Check the comparison of the muscle size on both sides. Is one side bigger than the other?

1. How does the weight look on the feet?
2. Does it look like the person is going to spring off a diving board or fall over backwards?
3. Are the knees locked? Straight? Slightly bent?
4. Are the hips forward over the feet or behind the feet?
5. If the pelvis were a bowl would the contents spill out the front or back or remain in the bowl?
6. Does the low back sway forward or is it straight as a board?
7. Is the upper back rounded forward or are the shoulder blades pulled back?
8. Is the head forward or right over the shoulders?

1. Are the Achilles tendons straight or curved inward or outward?
2. Are the heels closer together and toes pointed out more?
3. How do the arches look?
4. Are the arches high or falling?
5. Are the calf muscles equally developed?
6. Are the knees locked or slightly bent?
7. Are the iliac crests even or is one higher than the other?
8. How does the tissue on the back look?
9. Is there more draping on one side than the other?
10. Do the scapulas stick out or are they close to the back?
11. Do the arms hang closely to the sides?
12. In which direction do the elbows point?
13. Are the shoulders even or is one higher than the other?
14. Is the head on straight or off to one side or the other?
15. Check the comparison of the muscle size on both sides. Is one side bigger than the other?

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