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As you can see, there is 1,000's of free massage test questions that will help you prepare for massage tests you will be taking in the future. Below are some and you can see right away if you got the answer right or wrong. The more you take the tests, the better prepared you will be.

Systems-Brain Test/Quiz
Systems-Cells Test/Quiz
Systems-Digestive Test/Quiz
Systems-Ear Test/Quiz
Systems-Eye Test/Quiz
Systems-Glands Test/Quiz
Body Planes Test/Quiz
Systems-Heart Test/Quiz
Systems-Lung Test/Quiz
Systems-Skin Test/Quiz
Origin Upper Body Test/Quiz
Insertion Upper Body Test/Quiz
Origin Lower Body Test /Quiz
Insertion Lower Body Test/Quiz
Kinesiology Test/Quiz
Kinesiology & Pathology Test/Quiz
Muscle Names Test/Quiz
Muscle Types Test/Quiz

Topographical - Back Test/Quiz
Topographical - Head and Neck Test/Quiz
Topographical - Thorax and Abdomen Test/Quiz
Topographical - Upper Limbs Test/Quiz

Nerve Upper Body Test/Quiz
Nerve Lower Body Test/Quiz
Cranial Nerves Test/Quiz

Action Upper Body Test/Quiz
Action Lower Body Test/Quiz
Actions of The Body Test/Quiz
Actions-Abdominal Test/Quiz
Actions-Back Test/Quiz
Actions-Head & Neck Test/Quiz
Actions-Lower Limb Test/Quiz
Actions-Pelvis Test/Quiz
Actions-Shoulder Test/Quiz
Actions-Thorax Test/Quiz
Actions-Upper Limb Test/Quiz

*If you have any problems taking the tests, please make sure you update all your software on your computer and also make sure you have the current version for Adobe Flash (Sometimes refreshing the page works too).
If you find any wrong answers, please email me.

Joints & Ligaments - Back Test/Quiz
Joints & Ligaments - Head/Neck Test/Quiz
Joints & Ligaments - Lower Limb Test/Quiz
Joints & Ligaments - Thorax/Abdomen Test/Quiz
Joints & Ligaments - Upper Limb Test/Quiz
Fascia - Back and Upper Limb Test/Quiz
Fascia - Head and Neck Test/Quiz
Fascia - Thorax, Pelvis and Below Waist Test/Quiz
Fascia & Tissues
Medical Terms
Med Term-Prefix Test/Quiz
Med Term-Root Part 1 Test/Quiz
Med Term-Root Part 2 Test/Quiz
Med Term-Suffixes Test/Quiz
Nerve Referrals (Possible) Test/Quiz
Organ Referrals (Possible) Test/Quiz
Origin of Pain 1 of 3 Test/Quiz
Origin of Pain 2 of 3 Test/Quiz
Origin of Pain 3 of 3 Test/Quiz

Pain (Hard) Test/Quiz
Trigger Points (Types) Test/Quiz
Typical Body Pain Referrals Test/Quiz
Massage Liability Insurance Group (MLIG) provides Massage Insurance to Massage Therapists, Massage Therapy Students, and Schools
Pathology 1 of 3 Test/Quiz
Pathology 2 of 3 Test/Quiz
Pathology 3 of 3 Test/Quiz
Bone Types Test/Quiz
Bony Landmarks Test/Quiz
Massage and Others
Asian Medicine Test/Quiz
Asian Medicine Dictionary Test/Quiz
Bach Flower Therapy Test/Quiz
Business Test/Quiz
Chakras Test/Quiz
Fathers & Mothers Test/Quiz
Hydrotherapy Temp Ranges

Pregnancy Dictionary Test/Quiz
SOAP Notes
Spa Quiz
Temperature Descriptions Test/Quiz
Legal Dictionary Test/Quiz
Pregnancy Trimesters Test/Quiz
Test 1
Test 2 Test/Quiz
Test 3 Test/Quiz
Types of Therapies Test/Quiz
Abdomen Test/Quiz
Head & Neck Test/Quiz
Lower Limb Test/Quiz
Pelvis Test/Quiz
Thorax Test/Quiz
Upper Limb Test/Quiz

Disclaimer: There is no guarantee that you can pass the NCBTMB or MBLEx with just these tests alone, so it's a great idea to get some study guides and even study with a group of therapists that plan on taking the test.

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