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lways have them fill out a health form (Go over it with them and find out if this style is contraindicated)

Balance (You have to be able to balance your body weight)

Compression (Compressing areas of the body with your hands, fingers, elbows, knees, feet, ect…)

Depth (The depth of pressure is different for everyone)

Even small framed people can perform these techniques

For only some people (Dumb it down for the average American)

Good body mechanics is the key

olds (compressions and stretches) can last 10-30 secondsRules for Thai Massage

Initiate Good, Slow, Speed (Very slow movements)

Just try it, it won’t hurt much

Know the signs of sprains/strains and bone problems

Language: it’s like learning a new language to totally understand the true belief of ancient Thai Massage

More than just massage…it’s a form of art

Not a substitute for medical care

Organize all of your supplies before you start

Practice, practice and more practice

Quit your whining and get started

Routines (Your own) will help you remember

Start them supine (Start at the feet and work your way up the body), side-lying, prone, and finish with sitting

Time: 50% on the lower body and 50% on the upper body, within a 60- to 90-minute session, vs. the typical two-hour or longer sessions in Thailand

Unilaterally treat each side the same (What you do on one side, make sure you perform the same on the other side)

Vitalize your creativity

Walk on their back with the aid of a chair or something to hold onto


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