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The below statements are possible scenarios that could happen, everyone will have a different viewpoint

Client complains of pain that wraps around her low back and she has had it for a week.
2 Client just started a pain medication today.
3 Client can’t read the health form.
4 Client has an erection.
5 Client has low back pain but cannot lay prone.
6 Client refuses to fill out a health form.
7 Client has acne on her face but wants at least 10 minutes of her face massaged.
8 Client’s cell phone rings in your massage room.
9 Client gives you a $100 tip.
10 Client lost at least 20 pounds since the last time you saw you comment on it.
11 Client told you not to massage or even touch her face…and you forgot.
12 Client lost her gift certificate and you cannot find any record of it.
13 Client complains of another massage therapist (that other therapist is your friend).
14 Client wants to redeem a gift certificate that has expired and you spent the money already.
15 Client states that she is a high blood pressure medication and that it is under control. 
16 Client tells you a racist joke.
17 Client calls and asks for a young pretty woman to massage him.
18 Client asks you if you will give them a massage at your house for a cheaper rate (you are an employee).
19 Client leaves her bra, pants on, and wants only her back massaged for the ½ hour.
20 Client came to get a massage three times this week and you charted the first and third treatment, but you forgot the second treatment and the insurance company pays for his massages.
21 Client is in her second trimester and she never told you until you are almost done giving her the massage.
22 Client is very religious and wants you to change your religion.
23 Client wants you to work as deep as you can, even if he screams and moves around the table.
24 Client is moaning and groaning as if he is having an orgasm and you know other people can hear in your massage room.
25 Client complained after the massage that it was too light.
26 Client told you she tried to commit suicide this morning and nobody knows about it.
27 Client that is disabled calls and wants a massage, but your place of business is not wheelchair accessible.
28 Client was in a car accident today and has not seen a doctor yet and has a 1-½ hour massage scheduled right now.
29 Client has extreme pain in her gallbladder area on her foot (reflexology) and she had problems with her gallbladder two years ago.
30 Client has to go to the bathroom and her massage is over in 5 minutes.
31 You accidentally touched a man’s penis while giving a massage and he is awake. or You accidentally touched a man’s penis while giving a massage and he is asleep.
32 You accidentally exposed a client’s breast tissue and the client is asleep. or You accidentally exposed a client’s breast tissue and the client is awake.
33 Some one forgot their jewelry in your massage room and you had seven clients today.
34 Client trips and falls on you business property and complains that he got hurt, but you did not witness it.
35 When you walk into the massage room, the client is laying naked on top of the sheets.
36 You accidentally bring your cell phone into the massage room and it starts ringing in the middle of the massage.
37 Client starts to breakout from the aromatherapy oil you mixed up and you did not test it on him first.
38 Client is very negative but he is a regular, but it wears on you each time he comes to get a massage from you.
39 Client passes gas on the table and she says nothing, but she is awake and seems embarrassed.
40 You arrive 5 minutes before your first scheduled massage and it is 60 degrees in your massage room.
41 A Regular client bounces a check she wrote to you.
42 Client is receiving a chair massage in public and you notice a tag still on her pants that she forgot to remove.
43  You go to a client’s house to give four people ½-hour chair massages and all the clients are drinking alcohol.
44  You forgot to change the sheets and the client is already getting undressed.
45 You preformed a lot of cross fiber friction on a calcium deposit and later that week the client calls and said she has had extreme swelling in that area for a few days.
46  You ran out of oil.
47 You smell Alcohol on a client.
48  You need to make change after you gave a massage, but you cannot break a $100 bill and that is the only money the client has and the bank is closed.
49  You take off the dirty sheets from the table and you feel something wet.
50 You have an open cut on your finger.
51 Client calls you at home with an emergency and they want a massage now (it is your day off).
52  Client calls you for advice on every little ache and pain.
53  Client complains of severe pain in his low back area after his massage with you and he has not had that pain before.
54  Client did not like her massage and wants her money back.
55  Client has canceled twice, an hour before her scheduled appointment, but she gets a massage once every two weeks with you.
56  Client is on bed-rest in her third trimester and calls you to come to her house to give her a massage.
57 You bought a used table and after you paid for it, it broke.
58  You call in sick for the day and one of your regular clients does not want a guy to massage her (your replacement is a guy).
59  You forgot what arm the client complained of hurting and she is on the table.
60  You hear a mouse running in the ceiling while giving a massage.
61  You notice a mole on your client’s back that fits some of the characteristics of cancer (A B C D E, for mole detection).
62  You notice redness and cracked areas on a client’s foot and they came in for a reflexology treatment.
63  You notice swelling around the left ankle of a client and they never told you anything about it.
64  Client feels nausea half way into the massage.
65 Client calls for an appointment and asks if you provide a release.
66  A Regular client seems very different today from any other day (her personality is different).
67  A Forty-year old pregnant woman in her first trimester has not seen a doctor yet.
68  Client is about to leave to go back to work and his zipper is down.
69  Client is allergic to everything but she wants the feel of gliding.
70  Client offers you $500 to pose naked in front of him.
71 You forgot to empty the trash last night, you notice fruit flies all over, and you have a massage in 15 minutes.
72 You walk into the massage room, the client is fully dressed, and you told her to take off what she feels comfortable with.
73 You need to sneeze while giving a massage.
74 Client has extreme pain around his wrist after he was done playing golf, but he has no swelling.
75 Client has shown up 15 minutes late for her hour massage and you have another massage in one hour.
76 You notice a bruise on the clients left glute.
77 You notice that a client feet really smell bad and they expect you to massage them and you do not have any scented oils in your massage room.
78 Client did not show up for her massage and you give her a call and someone else answers the phone (they seem jealous).
79 Client is allergic to all scents and all of you massage oil is scented.
80 A Regular client wants you to have lunch with them (opposite sex).
81 You forgot to write a clients appointment on your calendar, that client comes in, you already have a scheduled appointment with someone else, and you do not own your own business.
82 Client has extremely bad breath and he does not even know it.
83 You have a bad cold, but you have seven massages scheduled for the day and rent due tomorrow.
84 You know your client was sexually abused when she was young and she starts crying on the table but does not say anything.
85 You need to pay your sales tax but the only money you have is in the bank that is for gift certificates that have not been used yet.
86 You go to a client (opposite sex) house and they offer you a beverage.
87 You think that a massage client is attracted to you
88 A regular client was just diagnosed with AIDS
89 You got a call from a lawyer and they need you to testify in an automobile accident case of one of your clients
90 Client wants to bring her 2 year old daughter to her appointment.
91 You want to change liability insurance because it is cheaper, but it doesn’t cover hot stone massage (hot stone massage is one of your popular treatments)
92 A male clients wants you to massage right up in their groin area for a long time, he says he is injured there.
93 A client had a past therapist massage inside her mouth for her TMJ problems and she wants you to do the same.
94 A client wants to just wear his underwear and not be covered by a sheet.
95 You got some oil in your eyes and it’s hard to see and it burns and you have 5 minutes left of the massage.
96 A elderly client needs help undressing
97 You allow a client to sleep a little after their massage, but when you keep knocking to tell them it’s time to get up…the client keeps falling back to sleep and you have another massage scheduled in 5 minutes.
98 Client called and said you burned her with the hot rock treatment you gave her yesterday and she never once jumped during the treatment.
99 A clients back went out after she tried getting off the table and you have another massage client coming in soon.
100 A elderly client said they urinated on the table.
101 A client’s colostomy bag busted on the massage table while you were giving her a massage
102 You told the client to get undressed and under the sheets and when you knocked if they are all ready they said yes, but when you open the door, the client is standing there naked.
103 When you were giving this client a massage, they were sleeping and out of the blue they started gasping for air.
104 Client came in for a ½ hour massage and their back is sunburned.
105 Client just got diagnosed with cancer
106 Client just started chemotherapy
107 You are stretching a client’s leg and they are screaming in pain because they have a cramp.
108 Client is talking bad about people in the community and you know those people
109 You were massaging this clients fingers and when you got to her pinky finger … it was not there and you didn’t look at the hand before you started massaging it and they noticed you stopped when you got to the pinky.
110 A friend of yours asks you to donate 5 massages for a silent auction for a relative of theirs that has cancer and you made a pact with yourself in the past you would only donate to charities that are for sick kids and you have told many people in the community that you only donate to sick kids charities.

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