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My name is Ryan Hoyme and I am the owner of I have been using the armaid for 3 weeks now and I love it. I was born with a condition called Cubitis Valgus, is a medical deformity in which the elbow is turned in (A small degree of cubitis valgus is acceptable and occurs in the general population). Actually, I have a 45 degree angle; my Brachioradialis and forearm extensors are always contracted and my forearm flexors are always stretched out. When I was 16, I had surgery to try and correct it, but it failed.
In 1997 I decided to be a massage therapist. With an arm that has less range of motion than my other one, it was difficult to massage (but I never complained). When I extend my arms, my one arm is 8 inches shorter and makes a crunching noise when I extend it. I rarely extend my right arm when I massage, because of the sound and it’s just not a relaxing sound (some people relate it to peoples fingernails on a chalkboard).
For the last 8 years I have been teaching massage, because it is less stress on my right elbow. Now since I’ve been using the Armaid religiously for a few weeks, I can see myself getting back into massaging outside of the classroom.
I have brought it into the classroom for my students to try and they want to borrow it, but they will have to wait, because it is my new best friend.
Thanks for giving me back the freedom to massage again!

Ryan Hoyme

Please check out Armaid HERE!

This is how my arm really is.

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