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Asian medicine - also big into what you eat and they will prescribe herbs for your problems.
Acupressure - invented by the Japanese (Applying pressure without needles) (Another name is Dian xue massage).
Acupuncture - invented by the Chinese (Applying pressure with needles).
An mo - a type of massage used for health maintenance and to restore vitality. Its name means "press and stroke" in Chinese.
Auricular - ear acupuncture therapy.
Barefoot Shiatsu - using hands, elbows, knees, and feet to massage.
Chi Nei Tsang - an Internal Organ Energy Taoist Massage. It directly massages the organs in order to balance their energies.
Chinese pediatric massage - a form of Tui na massage adapted to the special needs of children from birth to 12 years of age.
Cupping - another method has the function of warming and promoting the free flow of qi and blood in the meridians, dispelling cold dampness, diminishing swellings and pains. You can purchase a set of glass jars that you have to put fire under to get a vacuum like effect on the body or you can purchase a plastic cup set that you suction up the skin.
Do-in -
a form of Asian energy work.
Face reading - another form of diagnosis. The human face can show many signs that indicate that the person has some health problem. They will also do a tongue and nail reading, also observe the rest of your body.
Feng Shui - has been called the Chinese "Art of Placement" that balances the life-energies or "chi" in a living space. The words literally mean 'wind' and 'water'.
Gua Sha - an East Asian healing technique. Gua means to scrape or rub. You first lubricate the problem area with oil, and then you use a plastic coin or a regular coin and scrape that area back and forth until it turns red. It moves stuck Qi and Blood, and moves Fluids.
Iridology - the study of the eyes. Iridologists will look into your eyes and diagnosis problems in your body.
Jin Shin Jyutsu - employs twenty-six 'safety energy locks' along energy pathways that feed life into our bodies. Holding these energy locks in combination can bring balance to mind, body, and spirit, it is done by placing fingertips over clothing on specific energy centers.
Moxibustion - used in cones (Placed on the skin) or a long stick (Held about an inch away from the skin). The main reasons for using moxibustion is to warm meridians and expel cold, to induce the smooth flow of qi and blood & to prevent diseases and keep healthy.
Pulse diagnosis - checks the pulse in three different positions at three different levels.
Qigong - involves simple movements that coordinate breathing and calisthenics. Qigong can also be preformed on a client with energy techniques.
Reiki - a form of Japanese energy work.
Shiatsu - Japanese massage. Shiatsu translates to 'shi'=finger 'atsu'=pressure.
Tai Chi - a form of exercise that has very slow fluid motions.
Tui-na - Chinese massage. They developed amma or tui-na, which is the term used today means push-pull. It requires the controlled use of very deep but constantly moving pressure and can be repeated hundreds of times. The therapist pushes hard with the ball of the thumb, then rubs lightly around the area being treated.

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