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*These are questions the client could ask before, during or after the massage:

1. What kind of training have you had and what certifications do you hold?
2. How long have you been practicing massage?
3. What school did you go to?
4. What types of massage do you give?
5. How long will the treatment last?
6. Do you have ½ hour, 45 minute, 1 hour or longer treatments?
7. What are your prices?
8. How hard is it to get an appointment? (Same day, days, weeks)
9. Do you have any specials, packages, or discounts?
10. Do you give discounts for referring people?
11. How can I make an appointment?
12. Do you make house calls?
13. Do your hands ever get tired?
14. Can I bring my own oil?
15. Is it O.K. if my kid comes along?
16. It hurts when I do this, what can I do?
17. Do you ever get massages and how often?
18. Do you use a drape while massaging?
19. What kind of oils, creams, products, etc. Do you use?
20. Do you offer the products for sale?
21. What kind of payment do you accept? Cash, check, credit card?
22. Do you accept tips?
23. Are you really busy giving massages?
24. Do you ever have clients that smell?
25. Will you accept competitors coupons?
26. How often do I need to come in?
27. Do you use scents in your lotions and oils?
28. What type of herbs are good for me?
29. What kind of laundry detergent do you use for your sheets?
30. What type of discounts or specials do you have?
31. Are there side-effects with massage?
32. Would you barter your services?
33. Do you have a place to freshen up after the massage?
34. Could you donate a massage to a silent auction we are having for a friend?
35. Why did you decide to become a massage therapist?
36. Is it O.K. to get a massage while I'm pregnant?
37. Is it O.K. to get a massage if I have a cold?
38. Do you believe in chiropractors?
39. Have you ever had a client fart on the table?
40. Do people fall a sleep while they get a massage?
41. Will my hair be messed up after the massage?
42. Should I stop taking my prescription medication?
43. What is this lump I have?
44. Do guys ever get an erection on the table?
45. Will my insurance company cover massage?
46. How many massages can you give a day?
47. Do clients ever drool or snore on the table while they receive a massage?
48. Can you explain that news article I saw about massage in last weeks paper?
49. Do you think I have problems in my arch?
50. Would you be willing to give a free demonstration to my association I belong to?
51. Do you love what you do?
52. Can you live off of being a massage therapist?
53. What type of massage do you like?
54. Will you charge me if I'm late or miss my appointment?
55. What type of clients do you give massages to?
56. Was massage school hard?
57. What can I become a massage therapist?
58. What happened to the other therapist that was here a month ago...I really loved her massage?
59. Can I schedule many appointments in advance?
60. Are you open on holidays?
61. Do you work weekends?
62. Do you massage kids?
63. Have you ever massaged a really hairy guy?
64. Is it hard to massage someone that is overweight or too skinny?
65. What muscle is hurting me...right in this area?
66. What can you do for (Disease)?
67. I just got in a car accident, is it O.K. for me to get a massage?
68. The last massage I got 2 years ago really hurt when another therapist massaged it going to hurt again?
69. Can you give deep pressure?
70. What type of music do you have playing with the massage?
71. Can I bring my own music in during the massage?
72. My wrist cracks when I move it...what could it be?
73. My fingers tingle...what could it be?
74. My jaw clicks when I chew...what could it be?
75. When I woke up this morning, it was hard to turn my head?
76. Why do I have to drink a lot of water after a massage?
77. I just hate Physical you?
78. Why am I cold after the massage?
79. Why was I sore after my last massage the next day and it didn't even hurt when I was receiving it?
80. Why do I feel 'Light-Headed' after the massage?
81. Do you teach massage?
82. Why am I not ticklish there when you massage me and I'm usually very ticklish?
83. Do you have a blanket...I'm cold?
84. What is a trigger point?
85. The last time I was in the hospital, I received a short massage from a they do that for everyone?
86. Have you ever received a massage from a guy before?
87. Do I have to take off all my clothes?
88. Will my private areas be covered?
89. What if I have to go to the bathroom during the massage?
90. Why do I need a bolster?
91. Have you ever received a bad massage before?
92. Do you massage athletes feet?
93. What if someone has a lot of acne?
94. What has been the biggest client on your table?
95. How sturdy are these tables?
96. How much do these tables run?
97. Do you still give massages if you are sick?
98. Do I have to reschedule if you call in sick and I have a scheduled appointment?

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