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Your web site…
Is the domain name easy to remember?
Are there directions to your place of business on your site?
Is there information about you?
Is there contact information?
Is there information on your prices?
Is there a list of services you offer?
Are there pictures?
Is everything spelled correctly on your site?
Does your site take longer than usual to load?
Is there links to other massage related sites?

Passer by…
Will your sign be visible from someone walking by?
Will your sign be visible from a car?
What other businesses are around, so they can go there after or before their
Is there parking (Paid or Free)?
Are the colors of your sign neutral?
Do you have easy driving directions to your place?
Is there a lot of traffic certain times of the day?

Client arrives at your office…
Will it be clean?
What will the reception area be like?
Will there be someone to great them at the door?
Is it wheelchair accessible?
Will they hear the phone ring without someone answering it?
Will the waiting area be nice and comfortable?
Will the art work on the walls say something about you?
Will the products you sell be accessible for the clients to view easily?
Will there be samples for the clients to try?
Will you sit down and talk to the client in the waiting room or the massage room?
Will you ask personal questions?
Will you listen and remember my physical complaints?
Will you health form be professional looking?        
Will you be personal and professional when you first meet the client?

Client arrives in your massage room…
Will there be music playing?
What is the temperature like in the room?
Are there oil stains on the sheets?
Is there a place to hang their clothes?
Is there a step stool to get up on the table if the table is too high?
Is your massage room clean?
Is your room close to the bathroom?
Is there a clock in the room?

Client leaves your massage room…
Will you greet them outside the massage room?
Will you give them a glass of water?

Client gets ready to leave your office...
Will you ask me to make another appointment?
Will you want a tip?
Will you tell me to do anything special after the massage (Stretching, drink water...)?
Will you say good-bye to me?
Will you try and sell me products?
How do you greet the next client?

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