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American CranioSacral Therapy Association/The Upledger Institute, Inc.
11211 Prosperity Farms Rd D-325
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410-3487
(877) 942-2782

Craniosacral Therapy Association/North America
1110 Birchmont Rd Unit 21
Scarborough, Ontario M1K 1S7 Canada
(416) 755-7734

Craniosacral Therapy Association—UK
Monomark House 27
Old Gloucester St.
London WC1N 3XX England
(44) 1 886 884 121

“No two or more organs can work perfectly when one is crowding on another.”
A.T. Still

“...fascia and its nerves demand his attention first, and on his knowledge of the
same, much of his success, and the life of his patients do depend.”
A.T. Still

The skull has “many holes, foramina, or openings, to accommodate the blood-
vessels and other structures that supply and drain the brain.”
A.T. Still

“Bones do not always pop when they go back to their proper places nor does it
mean they are properly adjusted when they do pop.”
A.T. Still

Trust the universe...accept its messages...and keep your motives clean. The
client's body will tell you which way to go.
John Upledger

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