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What is it?
In Home Massage is just that, you give massages in your home. More therapists tend to eventually own their own business and to cut costs they have their business out of their home. It makes total sense; you have the luxury of working and relaxing in your own controlled environment.

There are many benefits to working out of your own home; first, one is a three-letter work…TAX, with having your business out of your home you can deduct many things from a certain percentage of: electricity, gas, phone and many other things (Covered more in the business section). The freedom is worth its weight in gold, you can accomplish a lot when you are at home in between clients (Laundry, paying bills, cleaning…). If you have kids, it could be a benefit to stay at home and still make money (It all depends the age and how well behaved your kid is).

Draw back
With everything, good there must be a down side. One of the major problems is that your space becomes your work and you have to see and deal with it on a regular basis (Bringing your work home with you). In addition, it can harm you for selling your house because you are earning money there (Talk to your accountant before making this decision). You could have clients calling you all different hours if you do not have a separate telephone line.

Massage room

The place where you massage should have a separate entrance from your main living area and it should have its own bathroom (Please check with your local city hall for exact city rules). Make sure your massage room is free from clutter and does not look like someone’s home.

Taking appointments

If you only have one phone line, always answer the phone in a professional manner; it would be better if you had two phone lines. Make sure you can give precise directions from all directions and have a map of your city and all the surrounding cities. Instruct the client where they should come into your home (You do not want them coming into your main living space).

Arrival of the client

All the rules apply at your home as they do at any other place and a little more. Make sure you are in your office space when the client arrives and follow all professional rules. Let the client know where the bathroom is and make them feel as comfortable as possible (They are coming into your space and they might feel uncomfortable). Turn off the ringer if your phone is in your massage room.

During the treatment

All the rules apply at your home as they do at any other place.

After the treatment

All the rules apply at your home as they do at any other place. You might have to give them directions out, so be prepared.

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