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•        The Name “Spa” comes from the popular belief is that the name is an acronym favored by the Romans - the initials of “Salus Per Aquam” (in Latin, “Healing Through Water.”)
•        Keep fresh drinking water available at all times and encourage them to drink regularly.
•        Every place does spa treatments a little different.
•        Most states do not allow Massage therapists to give facials, but we can put anything on the rest of the body.
•        In some states massage therapists are not allowed to give manicures, facials or pedicures.
•        Most spa treatments begin with exfoliating.
•        Most Spa massage is light and designed to relax you.

Code of Ethics

Therapists will NOT:
•        Claim that a body wrap provides permanent weight loss.
•        Claim body wraps are a substitute for diet and exercise.
•        Claim that body wraps alleviate pain or heal any condition.
•        Perform the service without first obtaining a health history.
•        Perform the service if medically contraindicated.
•        Allow any client to perform exercises (while) wrapped.
•        Make claims regarding profitability for new Business startups.

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